Where community is everything

At Yours Truly, our people-first mission gives our work meaning beyond what’s on the racks. Every accessory and piece of clothing is a part of something bigger, something that connects us beyond the walls of the store: community. Here’s a closer look at what it means to us and how we keep it going strong.

Consigning that does the most good

We make consigning your clothes and accessories easier and more convenient than ever. That’s because there’s a world of possibilities in your closet.

And we want to help you be a part of this process that lets neighbors help neighbors. When you consign your items, you give shoppers and their families the opportunity to get quality items at prices they can afford. This gives them the chance to feel good about themselves and their purchase.

Shopping that means more

At Yours Truly, shopping is never just shopping. It always means more — much more. When you browse and take home a new outfit, you support our consignors as well as the growth of our staff and business. In turn, this helps us help others just like you.

A heart for charity

If your items haven’t found a home in 12 weeks, we donate those items to a local charity. We’ve partnered with 22 non-profits in our area who share our love for community and people. These non-profits keep the giving process alive by blessing our community with quality clothing items throughout the year. Click on each organization name to learn more & find ways to get involved!