Where community is everything

At Yours Truly, it’s about so much more than the clothes.  Our people-centric mission is to be a good neighbor, serve our community with kindness, inclusion, respect, and generosity.  We want Yours Truly to be an environment where you know you belong, and are part of something greater.

A Heart for Giving Generously

If your items haven’t found a home in 12 weeks, we donate those items to a local charity who gets them to members of our community that need them.

We’ve carefully selected 22 local non-profits that share our love for this community and people. These non-profits serve generously throughout the year because of support like yours.

Stretching Your Dollar and Your Influence

At Yours Truly, a dollar stretches further in so many ways.  You’re saving 50% over retail on the items you purchase.  40% – 50% of that purchase goes directly to our consignors.  Each purchase and additional donations enable us to give to our 22 community non-profits.  Each organization helps additional members of our community in ways that starts a ripple effect of good. Do for the one what you hope to do for many.

While you’re here, you have the opportunity to partner with us, and donate to any of our 22 community charitable organizations, either at the checkout or the consignor intake counter.

There are so many options, and one is sure to speak to your heart.  Have a heart for animals and wish you could help every animal find it’s loving, forever home?  That’s Conway Animal Welfare Support’s mission every day.  Find the organization that shares your passion and be a difference-maker with them. 

Click on any organization below and learn more about their mission, service & ways to get involved!