Consign your clothes & accessories

Consign Your Clothes & Accessories

Where neighbors help neighbors — always

When you consign with us, you do more than just let us sell your items. You make the process of simplifying your closet easy and convenient, and you cut the time spent selling down to zero. That’s because we do it all for you, and we want to help you make this wonderful community even better!

And we commit to making this difference every day. Along with meticulously arranged sections and rooms, we have a highly dedicated staff that’s passionate about what they do and makes every person feel at home.

How you’re a part of something truly special

At Yours Truly, people matter most. We tag 15,000+ new items every month, but the story doesn’t end there. Those items, whether it’s a jacket or pair of jeans, help others! People love to save money and find quality items at a bargain price. 

So when you consign your clothing and accessories here, you help shape the hearts of this community one person at a time. With your 90-day consignment, you can help your neighbor save money.

After 12 weeks, we donate the item to a local charity.

That’s because it’s good to do good and because people matter most.

25% off after
6 weeks

50% off after
8 weeks

75% off after
10 weeks

85% off after
12 weeks