Find your new favorite outfit!

Yours Truly combines the best of a trendy boutique and the convenience of a large department store where you can find all the pieces you need without driving across town!

How you’re a part of something truly special

Our mission at Yours Truly is to be a good neighbor. Our passion is serving our community.  It’s about so much more than the clothes! We invite our team members, customers, and consignors to join us in making a difference in our community. 

By shopping consignment we’re also protecting our global resources. Choosing a gently used item over new reduces your carbon footprint by 82%!

We are not just building a business; we are building a movement. We are community strong. A place where neighbors are helping neighbors, one purchase at a time. 

Your shopping does more good for the community than you think. Not only will you find high-quality clothing and accessories at a great price, you are also putting money back into the hands of 30,000 consignors, supporting 30 jobs, and 22 community organizations. 

We raise funds and support to 22 local community organizations and invite you to participate with us.

Your shopping transforms consignors’ excess items into cash, as we foster a community where neighbors help neighbors.

Yours Truly is designed with you in mind

We now process and send out 1,000 items for men and women each day.

Whether it’s preparing for an interview or game day with friends, you can find all the items you need for creating a perfect outfit. 

Choose a purse or jewelry from our large collection to add that finishing touch to your new outfit. Our men’s department is full of choices.

If you need some style inspiration, we post new seasonal outfits daily on Instagram- @yourstrulyconsignment.  We have online advertising racks set aside to make shopping these items easier.

We want you to be proud of the items you find and confident in saying you got it at Yours Truly.