Find your new favorite outfit!

When you shop at Yours Truly, you support our consignors, staff, and those who will wear the items if you’re just shopping with a cause. As you’ll see right away from your first visit, everything here plays a big part in making our community what it is. Come see for yourself! 

How you’re a part of something truly special

Our goal at Yours Truly is to be a good neighbor. We are not just building a business, we are building a movement. We are fostering an environment where neighbors help neighbors. Our greatest source of credibility is our customers. We are building into our community. We want them to know us, like us, & trust us. We want them to know we are for them and here to make their lives a little easier. We invite you to be a difference maker in this community.

Your shopping does more good for the community than you think. Not only do you find high-quality clothes and accessories for yourself, but you support our staff as they do meaningful work that makes every customer’s day better.

We donate to local community organizations and invite you to participate with us while shopping. Join us in supporting organizations & members that love serving our community.

Your shopping also helps our consignors make money as we foster community where neighbors help neighbors. 

“It’s about so much more than the clothes.” – Cinda Montgomery, Owner
When you help one person, you’re really impacting many more. What you give to one overflows into the lives of all the people from that one person impacted. 

Endless variety for every occasion

We bring in 750+ new items for men and women every day. But that number means little without the positive environment to make shoppers like you want to come in and stay awhile. 

From casual and athletic to outdoor and professional, we offer all styles, sizes, and seasons — all the time. So come in, feel at home, and see what it means for neighbors to help neighbors!

Look your best while going easy on your wallet

Name-brand clothing and accessories shouldn’t always have name-brand prices. And here, they never do. So whether you’re shopping for yourself, your kids, or your family, you can find it in our store at a price worth bragging about!

Between our clean, friendly environment and color-coded savings system, we aim to make Yours Truly a place where you can feel good about yourself and your purchases. We offer a batter way to shop and truly a different experience with a friendly environment.

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