consignment policy

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Ladies, Men & Juniors Clothing & Accessory Store - Consignment Information

SALE PROCEDURES: Yours Truly establishes the selling price of each item and the timing and percentage of any markdowns. Yours Truly reserves the right to donate any item to charity. Yours Truly will receive Sixty Percent (60%) of the selling price of each item. Consignor may be asked to pay a $1.00 fee if excessive print-outs on the status of consigned items are requested. Consignor will pay a $1.00 fee for the printing and mailing of a check for Consignor’s share of the sale price of any item. Consignor may, in person, add up to two additional individuals to Consignor’s account (These additional individuals will have full access to Consignor’s account and information.). Consignor will provide Yours Truly with timely and accurate contact information, including information on individuals added to Consignor’s account. Customers will pay a built-in processing fee for each item purchased. There is no processing fee for the execution of this Consignment Agreement.

CONSIGNMENT GUIDELINES: Yours Truly would prefer not to accept any item unless it was initially purchased for approximately $25.00 or more. The base price is $12-$15 and generally all items are tagged at approximately 1/3 of the original value. Yours Truly reserves the right to refuse any item for consignment (If an item is accepted and later determined not to be within these guidelines, the item will be donated and noted on your account). Yours Truly accepts clothing purchased within the last couple of years, that have not been in storage or a garage sale, is freshly laundered, gently worn, with no holes, stains, excessive wear, odors from smoke, etc. Yours Truly requests 20 items to start a new consignor account. Consigned items are priced according to condition and present market value; items generally remain at regular (initial) price for 45 days, after which they will go on sale. Yours Truly reserves the right to sell and discount items greatly in an effort to retrieve our processing expenses. Yours Truly will stain treat items only on a very limited basis, to make items presentable and deemed cost effective. Consignor will be charged a handling fee for excessive donates. Yours Truly will not iron items for Consignor. Items with excessive wrinkling will be placed immediately at half price or donated to charity.

LIABILITY: Yours Truly is not responsible for damaged, or stolen items (With the exception of high-ticket items, we will guarantee items tagged over $20.).

INTAKE GUIDELINES: Consignor are asked to thoroughly inspect all consigned items at the intake counter, in the presence of a Yours Truly Team Member. Consignor must remove hangers, inspect items carefully, and lay them flat in one stack ready for intake personnel inspection. Yours Truly now accepts All Seasons, All the Time – no storage charge for off season items. Items stored can only be retrieved when pulled for tagging, or after 75-90 days on sales floor. Yours Truly accepts consignment items from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday- Saturday. No appointment necessary.

SOCIAL MEDIA/PHONE LINE:  Consignors may call the Yours Truly announcement machine at 501-336-0960 for basic information about Yours Truly. Consignor account information is not disclosed by phone or messaging unless you live an hour or more away. Consignor is asked to come into the store for information about their account or mail in a check payout request. No charge will be applied to the consignor account if a self-addressed stamped envelope is mailed for an account payout. Please verify the consignor account address and phone number with payout request.

DONATION POLICY: Approximately 90 days after an item is tagged it will be greatly discounted, sold or donated. A printout of donated items may be requested for tax purposes. Yours Truly does not receive a tax credit for donated clothing. If the Consignor wishes to retrieve unsold items before donation, we can provide any print out and they must physically remove items from the sales floor within 75-90 days of the date of the consignment and present those items at the Intake counter for return processing. Each item pulled before 75 days will incur a $1.00 early pull charge to cover processing. Yours Truly does not provide end of consignment notifications.

WHITE TAGS: Yours Truly reserves the right to “white tag” certain designer items. The consignor is responsible to notify the Intake Team Member of the price paid for any and all designer items. White tagged items will remain on the sales floor for 90 days but will be placed on sale for 25% -75% off during the 90 days. All white tagged items are subject to 20% to 30% off sales or monthly coupons. Consignors are asked to retrieve white tagged items before the end of 75 days, after which they may be retagged and price reduced.

PAYMENT TO CONSIGNOR: Consignor may use sales earnings as store credit to earn an extra 10% on the store credit amount used at the point of sale. Consignor may also request a payout at any time in the Intake area for the regular 40% Consignor split of sale. Consignor must display a valid driver’s license (ID if under age of 16) to use a store credit or receive a payout in person. Consignor must check accounts in person or mail in a payout request with information including phone number and address verified. Checks are mailed out only on request. There is a $1.00 handling fee per check. Yours Truly asks that the Consignor collect or use all funds within 2 years from the date of last consignment.