consignment policy

1052 Harrison Suite 1-6, Conway, AR  72032

Open Hours: Mon-Sat 10-6, Closed on Sundays

Never consigned with us before?

– Bring in your consignment and pick up your money at your convenience, no appointment needed and no hangers required!
– We want your new or gently used men’s, women’s, junior’s and children’s clothing and accessories; including select children’s toys, books, baby gear, and more.

Here’s our Consignment Basics:

– We take All Seasons All The Time & store off-season items at no cost.
– When starting a new account, we’ll need around 15+ acceptable items! Once you have an account, you can add on any time. We do ask that you bring in at least 5+ items at a time when adding on to the account.
We’re looking for items purchased within the last few years: Men’s and Women’s clothing & accessories that retail for $30+ new. Children’s clothing & accessories that retail for $10+ new (we do bundle some children’s items)
– It’s a 60/40 split. You’ll make 40% on items sold when choosing to get a cash or check payout. We give payouts on demand. You can gain 10% more when your earnings are used as store credit to purchase your neighbors items.
That 10% will be added back to your account when you are checking out.
– Your money never expires and will be available to you when you return.
We guarantee all tagged items from in-store damage* or theft.
– Items remain on the sales floor for a minimum of 90 days. The items rotate through our sale process of 25/50/75 % off during their consignment.
After 90 days, items will go 85% off until donated to local charities!

How it works:

We’re looking for new & gently used items that are freshly washed if worn.
– As you lay the items out, inspect each one carefully, removing all items with stains, holes, and problems. This includes excess wear, broken or missing parts, pet hair & odors from smoke, storage, pets, etc.
– Our team will promptly double check your qualifying items and select what we can & can not consign for you, so that your experience here is quick and convenient. Our goal is to ensure the highest quality items are taken in and made available to our shoppers.
– We’re also located just a few blocks from multiple charities that would love to have any items we’re unable to take & consign. These charities will allow you to drop any items off!
– Items with problems that were missed at the intake counter will be donated to local charities during processing. We’re unable to return items due to the large amount we’re processing daily. (The only exceptions to this will be the very expensive items we white tag & consign for a longer period of time).
All donations are noted in your account, you may get a printout of those donated items at the end of each year. We’ll also provide you with a blank donation receipt for tax purposes.
We tag around 20,000+ items each month across all departments. We’re donating only 5% of those items when the consignment cycle ends.
We’re working continually to improve so we sell more & more for you.

Thank you for supporting this community business where
Neighbors are helping Neighbors

*excluding fire/flood damage
**this document is not all inclusive, please refer to our legal contract in store for details/specifics